Why Use Garden Decorations and Garden Statues?

Are you just plain bored with how your garden looks? Would you like to revamp it dramatically and give it that artistic touch that your soul craves? Designing a garden or a landscape is so much more than just stepping stones and a few well-placed plants. It has more to do with letting the artist within you out and getting in touch with nature. Garden decorations and statues can be a great way to decorate your garden without getting your hands dirty.

Let’s check out the top 4 reasons why using decorations and statues in your garden is a good idea!

Garden ornaments for a picturesque Garden



Lawn ornaments or garden gnomes can be a fantastic complement to the myriad flowers and plants in your garden. If you are looking for a picture-perfectgarden where you can spend a few peaceful hours in the lap of nature, garden ornaments are the way to go! Figurines, Polyresin houses, garden sculptures and statues can pretty up your garden and make it the perfect venue for hosting dinner parties and events.

Forget the hardships!



Did gardening or garden décorever deter you from creating beautiful landscapes because of the manual effort tied to it? Well, the tables have turned! Now, you can buy various equipment online that specifically help you in garden decoration installations and grooming. Also,some professional gardeners can come to your house to install the décor in no time. If you have specific ideas that need to be implemented, that’s possible too! Forget everything you know about garden décor hardship as there is no more!

Choose your style: Modern Garden Décor Vs. Classic Garden Décor



Everybody has their own style! You can choose to go the modern route by adding bold silhouettes and creating strong visual elements or the classic décor from stone seats to weathered benches. Consider adding a few modern sculptures or wired bird collections to bring your garden to life! Even a few carefully placed Buddha statues in black stone can add an artistic touch to your garden.You can give your garden amodernfeel with sculptures that have clean lines and contemporarymaterial choices. Also, the use of LED lighting, placed tastefully around your garden can complete the look. Or, you can choose to opt for the classic curves ofcontemporary design. Many decorations enable you to give a royal touch to your garden. You can even mix it up according to your fancy!

Perfect place to unwind!



Nothing cools the eyes and soul more than gazing into the beautiful harmony of humanmade creations and nature. Many people do not have a place to unwind from the stressful dailyschedules that they go through each day. When you beautify your garden with tasteful ornaments and decorations, you are building a place that will help you spend some time away from the hectic daily life!

Do you need any more reasons to decorate your garden? Make the decision today itself to turn your ordinary garden into something uniqueand blissful!

The world is your oyster,and the ideas are yours to play with!

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Akshay works as an Interior Designer with Lalco Interiors and he is in love with his job. Thinking up interesting home décor ideas and helping clients implement them is what makes him tick. You can catch up with Akshay and his team and indulge in one of their beautiful home décor pieces for your home at Lalco Interior – Home Decor Stores In Bangalore.

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5 Great Open Concept Design Ideas


Open floor plans are considered to be both practical and modern; so, if you’re decorating an open space, this article is exactly what you’re looking for. In order to help you with your creative project we’ve prepared a list of 5 great open concept design ideas.

Make your place look trendy – use a monochromatic colour scheme


Open floor plans have become quite trendy, so it’s not a surprise that so many people have decided to tear down the walls in their place. Additionally, it’s highly advisable that in the case of open floor house design one goes for a monochromatic colour scheme. Basically, all you need to do is choose a colour that you like and decorate the whole floor in it. Of course, you’re more than welcome to combine different shades and tones of this colour in order to make the place look fun and inviting. Finally, once you’re done decorating, you can create a contrast by incorporating an accent colour into the design which will break the monotony.

Make a small place look bigger and more urban


Another amazing thing about the open concept design is that by simply tearing down a few walls you can make your apartment look much bigger. Just imagine that the wall between your small living room and kitchen doesn’t exist. You like the idea, don’t you? And that’s not all. You can make your apartment even more urban by adding a bar where the wall used to be. We guarantee that all your friends will simply go crazy about your new home design.

Add a touch of luxury


Open floor houses are perfect for those who want to get a taste of luxury under their own roof. For example, unlike other houses, those with the open concept design are spacious enough so that you can install an indoor pool. It will make your home look as if a celebrity lived there. Additionally, you can include some useful pool equipment such as pool lights and make your place look even more sophisticated. On top of that, owing to them, you’ll be able to create a perfect atmosphere for romantic nights with your loved one. Finally, an indoor pool is a great replacement for a home gym since all the workout equipment would spoil the elegant design of your open house.

Use rugs instead of walls


Another key feature of open floor houses is that their design is much more economical, even though it doesn’t seem so at first glance. For example, instead of investing in building walls, you can go for nice carpets which will define the space instead. You just need to take one and place it under your dining table, and then place the other one where your sofa and TV are, and voilà – your rooms are separated!

Create your cosy corner


Finally, an open floor plan is great because it gives you a lot of freedom to experiment with your available space and adjust it to your own needs. So, if you’re done decorating the major parts of your house, think about the empty corners and what you can do with them. For example, if you like reading, you can create a nice cosy reading nook in one of the corners near the window so that you can enjoy the daylight. This way, even though it’s a part of a larger space, it will have its own character and purpose.

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways to design your open house. However, it’s most important that you follow your wishes and go for decor that makes you feel comfortable in your own home.

Faith McGregor

Faith is a writer, seeking beauty everywhere she goes and finding it in art, nature, family, and home. Passionate about just living life to the fullest, she’s into home decor and healthy lifestyle, trying to be the best version of herself and make her surroundings match.

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6 Edgy Home Design Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind


For all those who are fed up with mediocre and plain, I am happy to present some avant-garde décor options that actually look amazing. All you have to do is dare to be non-traditional and different. You are invited to express your unique sense of style and make a bold statement with your design and décor. We are talking about ideas that blow that average, play-it-safe solutions out of the water and completely arrest attention. To make the magic happen, unleash the inner designer and immerse yourself in the hedonistic way of living at its most inventive.

A personal twist on a popular style

Committing to one popular style can be a great way to maintain a sense of structure and purpose. However, it should not inhibit your creativity and imagination in any way. For example, farmhouse décor is a great pool of ideas and it’s inspired by cabin-like interior design. But, don’t just follow what others are doing. Expose the flawed beauty of distressed wood framework and look beyond the orthodox color palette, which is dominated by light yellow and turquoise tones. Introduce pops of bright color and breathe vibrant life into your home. As a finishing touch, add a high-end furniture centerpiece that speaks volumes about your aesthetic preferences.

Polish that modern edge

On the other hand, we also have a contemporary, modern style. More often than not, it comes across as edgy, and that is precisely what we need. So, accentuate modern architecture for a wow effect and add a concrete fireplace to serve as a breathtaking centerpiece. Put a glass floor over an open shaft to add drama to your bathroom. Implement playful modern features that also have a functional purpose. Mount a TV on the wall of your bathroom and protect it from water and humidity. Install a spiral stairway slide that enables you to storm down in an instant. Allow your cat a similar benefit with the steel cat transit system, a tube that also doubles as incredible décor feature.

Bathing in style

This one may seem like a true oddball, but how about a large soaker tub in the bedroom? The best way to go is to place the tub in the corner and make it blend seamlessly with the décor and design solutions in the room. Add a nice stepping stool or comfortable seating next to it. That way, you won’t evoke the feeling of cheap motels. But, if you think you are not going to make it work, take your bathing outside!

A pool is always in

A pool is definitely an evergreen addition to your home. In addition to being a drop of happiness itself, it opens up a lot of doors for making your home stylish. When you have a pool, you have a patio, and where’s a patio there is nice furniture to go with your fancy staycation station! If you’re looking for a great option for new age homes, look no further than trendy fiberglass swimming pools. They are visually stunning, easy to maintain, and are less prone to rot and rust than other conventional options. Infinity pools and indoor-outdoor pools are also mesmerizing water features you can consider.

A splash of greenery

All those houseplants are nice, but why not think big? Invite the splendor of greenery in your home by planting a full-sized palm tree or designing a full-blown arboretum. This will be a focal point that soothes the soul and grabs the attention of visitors. There are some other nice ways to bring the outdoors inside. Instead of planting a small forest, I would consider an indoor living wall (vertical garden).

They adorn lavish hotels and commercial space, but there is no reason not to witness this in your residential abode as well. These refreshing installations wildly vary in shapes and sizes, so make it suitable for your space and design goals.

A wall that makes a real statement

Statement walls are increasingly popular ways of injecting style and drama into otherwise blank surfaces. The opportunities when it comes to materials, patterns, and colors are virtually endless. You can smash that quaint wedding china or a dining set to acquire bits and prices of an eclectic wall. Or, incorporate your collections of seashells. The list goes on: I have seen many other majestic ideas such as walls with urban-modern geometric patterns, wood pallets, murals, oversized world maps, etc. And if you want to start smaller, you can do it easily: Go for a whimsical backsplash or experiment with wallpapers.

Outside the box

Some people are not satisfied with being like everybody else. They want to be on the cutting-edge of style and put a special stamp on your living environment.
Do bear in mind that being edgy can be a slippery slope: There is no need to go completely over the top or lose sight of functionality in the process. Then again, don’t hesitate to let your freak flag fly and instill a sense of extraordinary in your home.

Take inspiration from design daredevils and never accept a compromise.

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Guide to Buying Furniture for a Small Home

A home that is small can still be turned into an elegant, spacious and comfortable living space with the right type of furniture and home accessories like mirrors and tables. Always make an estimation of the overall size of your home before purchasing your furniture – this will help you determine the most optimal layout that is functional and won’t make your home look cramped and cluttered

Using the right design strategies, you can turn moving a small home to Sydney into the best experience and create a homely, comfortable and elegant home. This guide outlines the various ideas that will make your dream home a reality even if you are short on space.

Choose Something Multi-Functional

The furniture that you choose to purchase needs to serve more than a single function. Small spaces require furniture for storage, seating as well as providing surface space for placing items like jars, or drinks. Secondary storage is very important when you are trying to save on space and want to avoid making your home look congested.

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/emilysnuffer/8588839137

In spaces like the living room, consider furniture like ottomans and trunks with hidden compartments for storage of items like books that can be used for seating when you have guests.

Pieces of furniture that functions both as pullout beds, sofas like bunk beds and convertible sofas are excellent additions to a small home for convenience and storage purposes. A convertible sofa will come in handy when you don’t have a guest room yet tend to have guests over who require an extra bed.

A coffee table with drawers is also a great choice for storing books and displaying decorative items. Pair it up with stools that can be used to store items as well. Nesting tables are a great stylish option since they can be slid out easily whenever you have guests and tucked away to save space.

For the bedroom, a custom designed bed with storage drawers and a storage bench provide additional storage for clothing and extra seating space when you need to get dressed. Tall beds with storage areas underneath also provide extra space to tuck luggage away.

Make Use of Mirrors

Mirrors have a great effect on the overall final appearance of a room. Apart from enhancing décor and complementing your furniture, they make a room appear larger than it is. Wall mirrors and furniture with mirrors like dressing tables give reflections that boost natural light entering the room.

Source: http://maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com/Fireplace-Room-Living-Room-Chair-Interior-Table-902345

Large wall mirrors can be hanged or leaned against an empty wall, maximizing the use of an otherwise plain wall while adding a touch of elegance to your décor. You can also place metallic accessories if you still desire to add more light to the room – go for metallic trays or metallic table lamps.

Do note that due to the reflective ability of mirrors, light-coloured paint tends to blend well with mirrors while dark coloured paint tends to absorb light.

Small is Good

Bulky furniture might be comfortable, but they take up a lot of space and aren’t convenient for small homes because they utilize such a large floor space. Choosing small furniture will make more sense for a smaller home, despite your temptation of picking that huge soft couch.

The shape also matters when choosing small furniture. Slender-shaped furniture suit small spaces – choose a dining table with slender legs to avoid making your kitchen look cramped.

The same applies to sofas which should feature lines and narrow arms. Armless chairs like love seats and those with an upholstered back are a great choice as compared to bulky sofas.

Open sided vertical or horizontal bookcases placed leaning against a wall are also ideal for book and artwork displays. Shorter bookshelves provide a nice platform for television. You can also mount a television on top of a bookshelf, enhancing the room appearance while still making use of the empty wall. A compact dining or kitchen table design blends in well with a small home compared to one with a rectangular or square design.


Collapsible, round and wall-mounted furniture are convenient options to choose from when selecting furniture for small spaces. Small homes can be turned into elegant, comfortable and classy setups with the right décor, layout and the perfect pieces of furniture. Don’t worry about what you will do with the smaller, slender furniture that you choose- you can still use them when you move into a large home and set them up in a unique arrangement.

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What’s new in the furniture world?

Much as I obsess about my own business, Furniture Works, I’m also interested in the furniture business as a whole.  Here’s some more recent news about the industry.


80% of case goods (chests of drawers, etc.) and 45% of upholstery sold in the US comes from overseas.  Overall, the percentage has increased 2% over 2016 with increases for Canada (1%), Malaysia (6%) and Poland (13%) and decreases for China (-1%), Taiwan (-16%) and India (-18%).  The biggest increase is in upholstered goods.

Ditto, exports from the US have fallen by 2% overall, the biggest has been metal furniture parts (-12%).  The largest change in buyers have been France (up 28%) and the UAR (-28%).  Canada’s imports dwarfs the other countries at $631.9M.


This fall, costs for constructing furniture have gone up.  Frames, foam & packaging have all gone up 15% which has driven up the prices of upholstery by 2%. It would have had more of an effect on retail prices except that overall sales have not risen by much.

The Players

The “big boys” in the business are Ashley HomeStore (#1 at $3.8B in revenue), Mattress Firm (#2 at $3.4B) and Ikea (#3 at $3.2B).  These are followed by Williams-Sonoma, Rooms to Go, Berkshire Hathaway & RH.  Big Lots, interestingly enough, comes in at #8.

Online?  Yep, it is having its impacts.  Wayfair had $1.2B in sales and was up 41.9% over a year ago.  They are not yet profitable, however.  Amazon has begun selling upholstery with a couple of lines.

And what would you like for Christmas?

61% prefer gift cards & certificates, 55% clothing, 39% books & other media, 33% electronics & 24% home décor & furnishings.  59% will shop online, 57% in department stores, 54% in discount stores & 46% in grocery/supermarkets.

And what’s the future for us?

We’ll continue to bring you the best quality used furniture & reasonably priced new furniture that we can.  Just to add a couple more numbers, there are nearly 500 items available at any time in our 6000 square foot store.